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      About Virtu  

Small and wonderful rare Object d' Art. Offering the very best of 17th, 18th and 19th Century French and English items.

Inventory will include: Georgian Sentimental Jewelry, Micro Mosaics, French Opaline Glass Eggs, French and Viennese Enamels, Dieppe Ivory carved items, Palais Royal Souvenirs, Boxes to include Bonbonnieres and Patch, Rare Sewing Kits, Tussie Mussies and Specializing in Miniature Portraits on Ivory.

Virtu - the goal is to present and maintain an inventory of the highest quality and most desired small antiques at the very best price anywhere. Motto - "The Devil is in the Details" - Even the Grandest Decorating Project is dependent upon the success of the smallest objects.
Rare and wonderful 18th and 19th C. French & English small and precious antiques. Specializing in Miniature Portraits on Ivory, Palais
Royal items and Sentimental jewelry to include Lovers eye & Hair Art. Viennese enamel, opaline glass, sewing, boxes and object d'Art.
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